Spyware Process Detector


Detect and eliminate spyware from your computer


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Spyware Process Detector is an anti-spyware tool that quickly detects all of those processes that would threaten your computer, displaying an intelligent analysis of all of the hidden signs so that you have detailed information over any process involving spyware, malware, keyloggers, or trojans.

Using this application, you can eliminate one of the most effective malicious software types out there: spyware, which although it may not be considered 100% malicious malware, is still very bothersome for any user.

Spyware Process Detector uses colors to classify dangerous processes, which makes it easy for you to get relevant information with just a glance. Red represents high threats, and green is for low threats.

This program also includes large search engines to scan your hard drive, filtering each file and analyzing them in detail.

Another main advantage of using Spyware Process Detector is that it is able to analyze active processes, so you can browse securely. When it locates infected files, just click to get rid of them - it's that easy. And, if you're sure that the file is not dangerous, you have the option of marking it as safe.

14-day trial.

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